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"The Cross" Magnetic Tie Clip/Pin



  • BEHIND THE STYLE NAME: A requested Tie Mag is finally here! The Christian Cross. A way to display your faith in a classy and sophisticated way while keeping your tie damage free. Not wearing a tie? Use the Cross Tie Mag on a your lapel!
  • Say GOODBYE to flimsy tie clips and dangerous tie pins that puncture holes in ties. 🚫 Tie Mags use the strongest magnets on earth to keep your necktie neatly in place with style. With one Tie Mag on the front of the tie and one magnetic back piece aligned directly behind the tie and shirt, your Tie Mag will hold your tie securely just like a tie pin but without a damaging hole.
  • HUMBLE BEGINNINGS: Tie Mags were invented in a college dorm room after complaints from college roommates and has grown into a men’s accessory worn by thousands of men around the world. 🌎 Some of our styles are worn by actors and athletes such as JB Smoove and Travis Kelce.
  • Proudly Made in the USA: From the packaging to the Tie Mag itself, we have our Tie Mags made in the USA to assure the quality we strive for. 🇺🇸
  • Tie Mags have been featured and mentioned in places such as the Huffington Post, Uncrate, The Knot, Trend Hunter, Thrillist and endorsed by GQ! 

Product Features

  • A magnetic tie clip that keeps your necktie firmly in place.
  • Every Tie Mag leaves a lasting impression but never leaves a hole in your necktie.
  • GQ endorsed and Uncrate featured.
  • Named Top 10 Stocking Stuffer on Huffington Post. 
  • One of the most unique tie clips available.
  • Do Not wear with a pacemaker.

Proudly Made in the USA

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