Tie Mags Magnetic Tie Clips - Tie Mags™
What is a Tie Mag®?
The last tie clip you'll ever need....
A Tie Mag is a Magnetic Tie Clip.
Why did we come up with a magnetic tie clip?


We were sick and tired of poking holes into our ties with tie pins and tearing our ties apart with tie clips.

So we came up with a solution.

Using the strongest magnets on earth, Tie Mags holds your necktie in place without any pins or clips.

How Do They Work?
Product Features
  • A magnetic tie clip that keeps your necktie firmly in place.
  • Every Tie Mag leaves a lasting impression but never leaves a hole in your tie.
  • GQ Endorsed and Uncrate Featured.
  • Proudly Made in the USA.
JB Smoove loves his Checkmate Tie Mag®
Some of our Tie Mag Styles.
A style for every type of tie wearer.
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