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Frequently Asked Questions

**** I have a pacemaker. Can I still wear Tie Mags™? ****
While we want all our customers to enjoy their Tie Mags™, your safety is the most important. It is NOT advised to wear Tie Mags™ if you have a pacemaker, due to interruptions the magnetic fields may cause.
Will my Tie Mags™ fall off my tie?
No! Tie Mags™ are made out of industrial strength (NdFeB) magnets. They will hold your tie to your shirt if you're walking, running, dancing, crawling..etc.  We busted out all our dance moves!
Do I have to take off Tie Mags™ when at the airport?
Nope! Tie Mags™ are undetectable at airport metal detectors.
Will my Tie Mags™ rust?
Tie Mags™ use a high tech alloy that is corrosion resistant and magnetic as well.