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Why a Tie Mag?

You may have found yourself asking "Why a Tie Mag?" or "What is a Tie Mag?"
 Why not just slap on any old tie clip or tie pin?
Tie clips started to appear on ties in the 1920s when ties started becoming made of softer silks and materials. (History lesson of the day.) 
 Tie clips began replacing tie pins (due to pins puncturing permanent holes in ties) and have been used since then. 
 The function of a tie clip is simple: Keep your tie in place.
There's just a MAJOR issue.

Can you spot it?

Tie clips never stay on straight and even worse.. the jagged teeth of the clip grabs onto the tie material and starts ripping at the actual tie material. 
Thus the tie is damaged and the tie wearer is not happy. 
A prime example of a tie clip's sharp "teeth" and the dreaded tie killer... the tie pin.
This is where the idea for Tie Mags came to life.

The Tie Mags™ Story.... 

The Tie Mags story started with a single complaint one evening.. 


After overhearing more expletive complaints that evening we asked ourselves....“There has to be a better way...why not use magnets?"

The idea for the magnetic tie clip was then born. 

Using the strongest magnets that we could find on earth, Tie Mags became a new way to hold a necktie in placedamage free, and more stylish than a model from Fashion Week. 




Since then, Tie Mags has grown into a men's accessory that is worn by thousands including celebrities from HBO series to NFL players. 

Tie Mags has also received the attention from the likes of Uncrate, GQ international, Huffington Post, and many more publications. 

All of our Tie Mags are proudly made in the USA and are worn around the world.  

As our journey grows, we welcome you to become a part of the Tie Mags story by MAGnifying your style and saving your tie from flimsy clips and sharp tie pins. 

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